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Web Site as a Valuable Business Tool

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s extremely cheap labor out there somewhere, but what you don’t see “under the hood” will destroy your dream of achieving a worthy presence on the Net.
I’m always amazed at how many small business owners call us every week with their tail between their legs wondering why the last web designer they hired for $300 did not deliver.
I am writing this article to backup and support my fellow professional Web Designer and developers that believe whole heartedly in their work but still struggle with being undercut by amateur web startups that have no experience. However, in the end the customer suffers the most. Fortunately we’re there to pick up the pieces.

Whether your explaining Web Design and web marketing to your mother, old college crony or young entrepreneur, like any other business, if you want to enjoy long-term quality results hire a professional! The dilemma is that people who don’t know much about websites and how they work, see the web-design process only skin deep. An intelligent high school grad or trusted computer savvy relative can throw all types of eye candy at you, rotate logos or implement short-winded “WOW techniques” and “sell you the car right off the lot.” Unfortunately, after working with these inexperienced web designers, many are lured away from using the web as a valuable business tool.

The reason I’m relating this article to car shopping and car maintenance, is because I feel there are comparable communication issues. Most people have become used to the idea that replicating and copying data is a new future allowing web developers and designers to produce the same product over and over for a fraction of the price it used to be.
In many respects our tools have become more innovative and user friendly, yet as we move into the future of the internet, numerous other requirements have surfaced forcing us to be human again.
Just like the old days, hard work, honesty and devotion to your skill prevail!

Price always breaks down to time. Custom Web Design Company Kolkata is an extremely time consuming trade. 3hours+ can easily be spent merely introducing the client to the development process, as well as understanding the clients business, web-site needs and goals. A few hours researching concepts and color schemes don’t even touch the surface of the workload required for a small brochure site. A full day of work can be spent alone going back and forth with the client on design concepts. Building the home and sub-page templates, implementing the formatting and checking browser compatibility, if it is done correctly, can take up another full day at that. Things that clients are not aware of, or cannot visually see, can throw sizable hurdles into any project.